Problem with the library...

Hello!!.. First of all, excuse my English is very bad.

…I have a certain number of body parts in the library, for example, hands. If I have the hand number 12 in frame 20, and put this same hand, the 12, in frame 26, and in that frame I move it, why in the frame 20 also is moved, how do I avoid this?.


you need to use the animate transform tool (not the standard transform tool) and set keyframes (or turn animate on ).

…Hello friend… I am writing from Spain, excuse me my English, is very bad … I’ve tried in several ways: by activating the animate icon (doll yellow background) with the transform tool (it is under the icon), with the icon off, putting keyframes … nothing, the element in the other frames, it keeps moving … What I can do? …


… Ok!!.. Thank you…

When you move something with the select tool (black arrow) it will move the drawings on all the frames that it appears.

You need to use the Transform tool - which looks like a box, directly under the Animate button (running man). Turn the Animate button on, so that it creates keyframes, then use the Transform Tool to move your drawing.