Problem with the extension .PLE

Seriously, we lost a whole month of work just because of your bad design and awful approach to new costumers, we get it, that a trial version is to learn and explore the software and in the end, us as costumers we get to pay and buy the full retail version, but making any progress done not compatible between the two version is just simply not smart.

By comparing the two houses, Yours (ToonBoom) and Adobe. They have trail versions of their softwares, but in the end when we decide to purchase the full version we can still use our files and projects without any problem. And yours…? Do you see the point?

Try to learn from this HUGE mistake, and fix it, we as costumers, member from the media really appreciate our time invested in our projects and by fixing this would help us a lot.

make a patch, or something like that.

Make solutions, not problems when we pay for your product.