Problem with the dropper tool (FIXED)

Hello all,

I’ve imported and vectorized an image onto the stage. I’ve made some adaptations to this image using the various drawing tools so that I am able to animate it. However, some of these adaptations have left holes or gaps and I need to be able to fill these using the paint tool. Doing so requires its original colours and I can’t get these colours using the dropper tool. When I click on the colours (with the dropper), nothing happens. Please help on this problem.

Looking forward to your replies :slight_smile:

Well, as far as I know, Import and Vectorize creates an image as one closed unit.
Either one can apply only one colour to this whole image, or use the Stroke-Tool
and divide the whole element into different parts and fill those with your chosen colour…

Create a new Colour Palette and use the “Picker” of the Colour-Window to copy all the colours you like from your image, apply those colours to the segments you just draw with the Stroke-Tool.


Problem solved!

Thanks so much, Nolan :smiley: