Problem with TBS and Cintiq

I’m new to the forum so if this has been addressed forgive me, I searched for it but found nothing relatable. Anyway, I am having an issue with the trial version of TBS and my Cintiq. the trouble is that the cursor and the pen won’t line up so the drawing is about a half inch away to the left of where the pen hits the screen. I tried recalibrating the Cintiq but that did nothing. I also tried updating the Cintiq drivers but they’re the most recent so that’s not an issue either. Anyone else seen this issue? It makes TB useless to me and so there’s really no point in buying it if it doesn’t work. What’s wrong?


Try going in the Edit>Preferences menu then access the display tab change the renderer to OpenGL and make sure the OpenGL full scene anti-aliasing is disabled.

Also you might want to reset the tablet preferences by going to the Start Menu of your computer>Programs>Pen Tablet (or Wacom Tablet)>Tablet Preference file utility. In that application use the Remove All Preference Files button.

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