problem with swf files

I have two problem with imported swf files: I can import into the Harmony library only swf file generated in Actionscript 2.0 from flash CS6, not the exported files from flash CS6 or Animate CC in Actionscript 3.0.
Another problem is that the swf files imported into the timeline from Harmony library, the program doesn’t put to register all ftg and not read the masks applied in flash CS6 or Animate CC … help me please!

Schermata 2016-11-24 alle 08.00.04.png

Remember that you are converting from a software that uses completely different
technology and that there is not always an exact feature-by-feature conversion
that is possible,

That said, there is another way to import Flash files that is “smarter”. You first need
to move the TB_Import_Flash in TB_Import_Flash_Scene.js to the scripting toolbar
(it has the Flash Icon so you will recognize it immediately). import import