Problem with shadows

I made a shadow and highlight effects on my characters. Just like here:

And now on one of my characters i have shadow in front of it and it goes before and in front in few places on timeline. I dont know what happended that. quadmap timeline is clear. Shadow same thing. I tried to move whole character on z axis and it doesnt change anything. Maybe someone has an idea why its happening. On other characters everything is fine, and before it also worked on that character. But after program crush i can’t set it properly.

Of course in network view shadow is behing highlight.

Thank you

So i discover that shadow is connected to hand peg so when i move hand forward on z axis shadow goes behind character (it doesnt has sense for me but works so its good enough :D), But still i ve got hand and lower arm shadow in front of character and to erase it i has to move hand to the front so much that it ruins my rigging.

I’m having difficulty viewing your video here, but why don’t you link a screenshot of your Network View and I’ll see if I can give you any suggestions

You can just link to a free site like Photobucket to host your images