Problem with setting pivots

Hi i have a little/big problem. I made a peg elements in network view, and now i want to give them a pivots from the drawing layer. I copy cells from the timeline and then paste special on the drawing peg, update pivots, but nothing happens after this. Pivot doesnt change its place.

Italways work for me, what am i doing wrong?

Please help me out.

I attache a screen with network view:

As far as I know you can’t copy and past pivots from and onto pegs. It only works for drawings.
You can set the pegs pivot manually by dragging the pivot with the Rotate tool (you can find this one in the from the Advanced Animation Toolbar)
if you only have one drawing and pegs parented to the peg you can click on the child drawing layer and select “Apply Embedded Pivot on parent Peg” for Use Embedded Pivot in the Drawing tab of the Layer properties. This way the peg will have the same pivot as the drawing layer. In most rigging situations this is what you want to use.

Euhm… wait a second… with pegs do you mean the drawing elements that you named “Peg” or indeed the green pegs??

Yeah exactly i dont need to paste pivots on pegs because i have this option “Apply Embedded Pivot on parent Peg” enable. But aboth the regular pegs i have drawing elements which i use like a pegs, and i need to paste the pivots on that. In that purpose i copy cells from the timeline from a drawing, and paste special on drawing element PEG. It used to work, but now it doesnt.

If you lookat the screen i attached, u can see this drawing element pegs. Its Szef_p_noga-PEG and Szef_p_lydka-PEG. And i need to copy pivot from szef_p_noga [tvg] and paste it onto szef_p_noga-PEG. Same thing for Szef_p_lydka [tvg] onto Szef_p_lydka-PEG.

Come on… Nobody knows? :frowning:

Hmmm well you need to paste it on a drawing in the drawing element peg. You select the drawing at the left of your timeline not the layer, right? And you need to use the drawing pivot point tool (the blue cross-circle button under the trandormation tool) not the rotation tool (not sure if that works).
Don’t forget that the drawing element peg needs to have the same exposure length as everything else… hmm that is all that comes to my mind right know.

I’m just curious, why are you using a mixture of drawings-as-pegs and pegs?

What I would do here is I would use pegs only. Then I would set all the drawings to Apply Embedded Pivot to Parent Peg.

Then, if you wanted a peg, that’s a parent of only pegs, to take the pivot of a specific drawing layer, then you could always copy and paste the drawing layer in the Network View. This makes a clone. Then you could attach this clone to the parent peg, and it would take the pivots from it.

Hope this helps.