Problem with SB Pro 1.5

Last year I purchased Storyboard Pro 1.0 and was immediately disappointed with the brush tool’s optimise delay. Whilst drawing with the brush tool, the program constantly pauses to optimise my drawing before I’m finished, so there’s a pause during which the brush is unresponsive… after a couple of seconds a streak appears across the drawing to wherever the cursor is at the time.This little bug, favoured by some, makes the program unusable for me and I’ve been patiently waiting for the next version of Storyboard Pro so that I can actually use it in production. Today, I was pleased to see SB Pro 1.5 released but I cannot find any options or preferences that allow me to control this optimise delay. PLEASE tell me I didn’t just pay $200 to upgrade something that I still cannot use! :-[

Hi,I am not sure if I get the exact same behavior but let me explain what I get so far. At the moment when you draw a stroke or multiple strokes in a row and stop for about a second a render is done of the frame which is updated in both of the drawing panel and the thumbnail.This delay was added on purpose because if you were drawing really fast the render was taking place in the same time as the next pen stroke and you would lose drawing pressure in the software. I have requested to have some kind of control over that delay so the users can take the decision over the behavior.This being said I have not encountered any situation where I could not use the brush anymore due to that delay so I am not quite sure if that is what you are talking about.Let us know if that is not exactly what you have been experiencing for I may not be looking at the right thing at the moment.Regards,Ugo

Hi Ugo, yes it’s exactly as you describe, however without any control over the delay I find myself undoing the ‘streak’ bug far too frequently. Unfortunately this slows me down so much that I decided not to use the software at all and wait for a fix/patch. Having to adapt my drawing style to a stop-start method is, in my opinion, far from ideal as I can draw storyboards in other software without changing the way I draw.Regarding Storyboard Pro, last I heard was that a slider control was being considered for the render delay, which would allow users to either turn off the delay or control the time. When I saw that SB Pro 1.5 was released, I thought this new control would be implemented, which is why I bought the upgrade :-\

Hi,I will see what the status is on this feature and will get in contact with you once I have more information.Regards,Ugo

Thanks for the lightning response Ugo. I’ll keep an eye out for a patch as I’m very keen to use Storyboard Pro for an upcoming major project.