..Problem with render...

…Hello friends… First, my english is very bad, sorry…

…I am trying to render an animation and this message goes out: “Could not open file “/Location and name of the animation/frames/preview-052e9bcc032459d-245.tga” for writing.”, what can I do???..

…Thank you!!..

…Hi Lilly … This file is moving from one computer to another … Move with all your folder, with all its elements, so, I do not understand what happens…
…With this information you can help me a little more?

…Hello Lilly… how are you??..

…Yes, I did it…I copied the entire folder, complete, in a pen drive and took it home.

…When I open the file, I see everything, not missing anything, the problem is when I try to render or what happened today, when opening the file, I saw this message for all the .tga: “Could not open file …tga for writing”

…A few minutes ago, I tried to render a frame and I saw the message: “Could not open file …tga for writing”… The same mode, I press the blue flower and I saw all the images, they were all. The problem is rendering or open it the file…

… What I can do?

…Thank you!!!..

…Ok, Lilly, thank you!!!.. :smiley:

… Hello … The problem is solved … Apparently, the software does not recognize the accents. I write an accent on the name of the folder containing the file and this was the problem, the software did not identify the location of the files…

…Thank you!!!..

Do you have permission to write to the location you’re trying to write to? What happens if you try to write to a different location?

If you continue having difficulty feel free to email support@toonboom.com for help resolving your issue.


So you have moved the folder from one computer to another computer?

When you did so, did you select the Project directory, compress it, and move the whole directory? It sounds like you did.

When you open the file, are you able to see all of the elements? Is anything missing?

If you have the project open and you click on the Blue Flower (Render View) icon below the Camera View, are you able to render a single frame?


I’d recommend that you email support@toonboom.com for further assistance with this issue since I haven’t seen it before. After they resolve it with you we can post the answer here for anyone else that has this issue.