Problem with pivot of advanced animation tool

Hi, I’m a great problem with pivot.
I want to change an object pivot position.
I select the moving pivot icon in the advanced animation toolbar. On the stage the pivot changes (two arrows, red and green and a circle). Now if I select and move the pivot the objet moves, not only the pivot!
Is it a bug?
Please help me!!!

I don’t quite understand. I know that there are times that a pivot doesn’t operate as I would like… so instead of fighting with it, I create a new parent pivot for it. I’m sure there are better ways, but this is the workaround I’ve found most helpful… if I’m understanding you correctly.

thank for replay. How can I create parent pivot? You mean I’ve to create a new peg?

There is no “Advanced Animation Toolbar” in TBS. Are you referring to Animate, Animate Pro or Harmony? If so, you are asking this in the wrong forum.

In the other programs this is NOT how the pivot tool works.
Click the pivot tool then click the area in the Camera window where you want the pivot to appear.