Problem with Pencil Properties

Hi there, I’m learning to use Harmony Premium at the moment, and I have a question that I couldn’t figure out for weeks:

Say I’m importing a scene that uses a certain kind of Pencil properties in the drawings

Now I want to add drawings using the exact same properties (e.g. brush, size, color)

In different software I’d probably use the eye dropper tool to copy most of the preferences but here it doesn’t take me to the right brush preset.

I hope my question was clear, thanks in advance for any hints!


From what I know you can only pick the color from the line.
I think you have to try to find a similar brush and then then save that as a new brush.

Then you can also save a tool as a tool preset

and acess these with a button and short cut key.

Sometimes when I import characters from Photoshop I have them on a seperate layer so I can paste them into an artlayer. Depending on the animation I can cut and paste from that drawing to do new drawings in a similar style.

I think much can be done to develope the brushtool in Harmony so you can get as good brushes like in TVpaint and Photoshop.

/ Mattias