Problem with Optical Registration..

…Hello friends… I write from Spain!!!.. My english is not very good, sorry… :’(

…I have a problem with the Optical registration. I use Animate Pro 2 and I
can´t organize my drawings. I have many drawings with pegs (traditional animation) and when I want to import the drawings into the software and that the software recognizes the pegs and adjust the drawings, it does not do it…

Is there necessary to leave a distance determined from the left/rigth/top/bottom edge to the center of the pegs? … What more it is necessary to do?

Help me, please!!.. Thank you!!..

…Hello!!!.. Thank you for answering me, thank you very much, Lilly. I have done slow, calmly, and perfectly, it has worked!!! Thank you!!!, indeed… :smiley:

Well first of all did you enable the Optical Registration option in your vectorisation parameters? Select whatever vectorisation you’re doing - black and white or grey - and double-click on it to bring up the Vectorisation Options window.

Now from here you can enable Optical Regsitration, you can tell it where to find the pegs, and the most important thing is you have to input the same DPI that the images were scanned in with.