Problem with opening files


I am using Toon Boom animate pro 2 and I have a strange problem with opening *.anim files. I can only save as *.anim but If I want to open a file, then only options are *.digital, *.solo or *.tbup. So I cant choose *.anim. I can get a file open only when it is in the recent files list. But I need to open one older file.
Does anyone else has had the same problem and knows how to solve this problem?

What method are you using to attempt opening the .anim files?

If you are navigating to them through the software and they are grayed out, navigate to them outside the software and double click on the .anim file. They should open. Even the .anim files of projects that show up in the Recent Scenes list are grayed out if you navigate to their folders from inside the software using New Scene => Project Directory: of the splash page.

Well, I tried many different methods. Double clicking the .anim file outside the program opens the starting page of toon boom, but not the actual files. Pressing the recent files on starting page also doesnt work, neither pressing Open scene and navigating to the right folder. The files will not appear there. Although they exist in that folder, If I navigate to them outside the software.
Only working method to open my scenes, is when I make a new scene and then go open recent files.

It sounds like what would happen if these files had been created using a different version of the software.

Did you change anything since they were created?

Have you reinstalled the software since these files were created?

Yeah, but I only used this version and I didnt reinstall anything.
Maybe reinstalling would fix this problem.

Did you move any files around?

Maybe some are missing and the software cannot find them?

You say you can create new project files that open. At what point did the other files stop opening? Is there a point when new files stop working?