problem with my animation

hi all im trying out a small animation in 100 frames zooming a castle into view right up close but when i seem to get the cameras all set in the right place and go to play what i have done the colours are all a mesh of pinks all the way through . . . . .any ideas ? ;D

It is difficult to give you ideas without you giving us more information as to how you are trying to create this zoom shot. For example how many elements are you using to composite your picture? Are you using vector graphics (drawing elements) or bit mapped graphics (image elements)? If you are using bit mapped graphics they could be pixilating when you change the scale of the image which is how zooms are created. Also if your zoom is extreme you are doing it in too few frames (100). Are you using a single cell for your castle and holding that cell for 100 frames and only moving the camera on a peg? What tool are you using for keyframing? How many “cameras” are you trying to use for this shot? Is this a new set up of TBS and have you been experiencing other graphic display related issues? More info is needed to assist you. -JK

sorry JK your right i should have been a bit more specific with what i was doing - I drew a drawing of a castle then gave it a peg for moving it. Then i also drew a background drawing of sky and moon .I extended the exposure of the castle drawing to 100 frames and then using the camera zoomed in right up to one of the windows of the castle , but as soon as I tried to play it all the colours have gone ‘pinks’ of various shades - im probably doing something wrong as im still experementing with TB4 but for the life of me i dont know what it is.
hope this is a little better at explaining the problem

Still pretty vague, but I’ll ask some more questions. Are you rendering your animation either using Preview Movie or Export Movie ? or are you using the Play menu command or the Play button at the top of the window? If you are using the Play command, do you have the camera timeline track highlighted? If so you are seeing your animation through the camera layer which is tinted pink and would cause you to see a that blended into your drawing below the camera layer. If you are going to use the Play command be sure to click in the timeline track list below the camera so that it is not highlighted.

Now this may not be what you are doing, so if not then we need more info on how you set up this shot. How did you set up your camera move? Did you peg the camera and have it moving on a motion path? Did you position your element using top view and side view? Are you using static or dynamic FOV camera settings? Are you moving the castle and the camera on seperate pegs? Tell us more so we can help you out. -JK