Problem with Moving Pivot Point


I’ve run into a problem with my pivot points moving around when I don’t want them to. This has usually been occuring on the middle portion of a three segment leg (e.g. the part between the thigh and the foot) I set the green pivot point at about the knee on the middle segment. When I rotate using the transform tool (not adusting the green or blue pivots) everything looks fine initially, but then I go back to watch it replay and the pivot point moves from the knee to the ankle (for example) during the movement. This leaves my people looking disjointed. Does anyone know how I could fix this?



It is not totally clear how you are working so forgive some questions.

Are you setting the rotational pivot point using the rotation tool on your scene planning tool bar? And then doing your rotation movements using the transform tool? Your description sounds like that is what you are doing but I wanted to ask.

Are you setting both the rotational pivots for each body part and for each parent child group that way as well? A group has a pivot and each member of the group has a seperate pivot point and they all have to be set using the rotational tool.

Are keyframes being set on all of your elements or are you working on a collapsed heirarchy? I’m also assuming you are using animated elements in V3.5 or above and not working in V3.0. Is that the case?

Your description sounds like you are having keyframes that are conflicting so I also would advise you to check the frames of your elements and be sure that you don’t see keyframes being set that you didn’t specifically set. This was particularly a problem in V3.0 and below when peg elements had default keyframes when they were created.

If none of this is helping tell us some more about what you are doing and what you are observing and we will try to help as much as we can. -JK

JK (and all others who may be able to help),

Thanks for getting back to me.

First of all , yes I have been using the rotation tool and transform tool just as you said in your first paragraph.

Also, I am working on V3.5

My peg heirarchy looks like this (I haven’t collapsed it):


Using the rotation tool on the scene planning tool bar, I set pivot points for each drawing and peg. Each segment (Thigh, LowerLeg, and Foot) has a different pivot point corresponding to the appropriate joint. The pivot is in the same position for the peg and drawing of each segment (e.g. Foot-P and FootDrawing have the same pivot point.)

Everything looks fine on my initial frame. While I’m using the transformation tool, the drawing element rotates around the pivot point just like I’d expect. But after I’ve finished my transformation, when I Play or cycle through the frames, I can see the pivot point gradually moving away from the joint. The peg pivot point stays the same, but the drawing element pivot point moves. This results in the joints becoming separated. The image also seems to get distorted during the rotation when I play it back, although it wasn’t distorted while I was making the transformation.

To eliminate the problem of unwanted key frames, I started at the very beginning of my animation. This moving pivot point occurs even with my first transformation from the beginning.

Sorry to be so wordy.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about how I could fix this.



Hi Michael,

If you are working with a peg hierarchy the first thing I would advise you is to turn the Peg Only Mode On (under Tool). I expect the behavior you are currently having being related to the fact that you are moving some elements with the pegs and some elements with the actual elements and they end up adding movement (if you move your peg one way and move your element the other way you might end up having a pivot that moves away from its element).

In any case try with this mode triggered on and let us know if it was of any help.

Best regards,