Problem with moving objects to front and back

Hi, itss been a while wince i ve been here last time.<br /><br />I have little issue with some objects. Sometimes i cant move object to back. For example i have a picture of suitcase, which i want to be behind the some other object. So it has a peg and i go into top view and using maintain size tool i move it to the back. And it works on top view, but in camera view it s still in front of other things. I really dont know what causes the problem.

Please help me out :slight_smile:

Edit: In top view the suitcase is behind everything, the wall, furnitures etc. In camera view is in front of everything :frowning:

Now i notice that suitcase is changing its position when the camera is changing. I dont know how the hell is that conncted. In my opinion its not, but it looks like it is :D<br /><br />Edit: When i switch off the cameras peg, everything is fine. But when it s on suitcase is moving on and on :smiley:

My best guess is you are animating the z values on the peg which overrides any ordering.

No, unfortunetly it s not that.

I made a screen

As u can see all values r neutral na dwhen i move suitcase on the top view back, it s still in front of everything.

Now i noticed that there is more objects which move when the camera is moving :confused:

Come on… Noone? :frowning:

If layer A and B seem to be moving with respect to each other when the camera is moving, this could mean that A and B are at different Z coordinates. So, if your suitcase is moving with respect to the couch, check the Z coordinates of both suitcase and couch…

By z coordinates u mean position: z in show data view? It`s not that.
Really i just dont know what to do. Is there a place where i can go for help?

Oh my god. I probalby got that. I went into network view and some of my objects was connected to other composite and also connected to master peg by multi port in. I think it was that

The other thing you might want to make sure, is when you use a composite just to group elements together, set it to Pass Through. When it’s set to As Bitmap, then it flattens everything.