Problem with lines and and smooth editor

Hi, i have two new problems :frowning:

First is more annoying. I wont write discribe, just post a pic:<br /><br /><br /> (view with strokes)<br /><br />Dont know what to do with that. Nothing helps besides the brush. It happenes sometimes. Please help.

Other problem is smooth editor. Sometimes when I use it on the line, whole line dissapear. Also don`t know how to fix it.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t say exactly what this is. But I think you have zoomed in quite a lot.
If you have turned on Real-Time Antialiasing in the preferences Open GL.
Then your drawings will look smother while you draw them in scene resolution or smaller. But if you zoom in a lot you will see pixels in the same way as in your posted Photo.
If you turn of Real-Time Antialiasing in the preferences Open GL, your line will look much smother when you zoom in, but less smoth in scene resolution or smaller.
If you have scaled it a lot down in cameraview it might look pixelated also in the camera render view. If so you will have to make sure your scene resolution is matching your final result before exporting.

When it comes to smoothing. If you smooth a stroke with few points left it might deform/shrink and loose lenght and nearly dissappear.
For such lines it is better to select the unwanted points with the Contour Editor Tool and press delete.
If done some smoothing that you didn’t like just undo (cmd+z).

Best regards

Thanks for help Ivar.

This gaps are visible sometimes even on big zoom out.
Turning off real time antyaliasing helped, but I dont like drawing that way.
Gaps are irregular. Sometimes big, sometimes little. I hoped that there is a way to have antyaliasing on and gaps off in one time :smiley:
Same thing about smooth tool.

Thanks anyway Ivar :slight_smile:

I may have missunderstood your problem.
Just looking at the photos you presented I thought it was the pixelated appearence while working on a zoomed in frame that was the problem.
But now I start to think it is the little white area between the black line and the brown fill that is the problem.(Please correct me if I am wrong.)

If you don`t mind redo the colorfill you can just select it, delete it and fill it one more time

When working on line art filled with “paint” either moving/transforming centerline or brushstrokes it will separate from the “paint”.

There are some options to work on both at the same time select both with the select tool and they will follow each other.
The same for the contour tool.
I have tried to reproduce the problem with the smooth editor.
But for me the fill follows the line while using this tool withou selecting both.
But to finish lineart before fill in, will save you a lot of headache.
To cheque if the area to fill is closed, just fill and then undo before you continue. Then when all lineart is finished then you add the colorfill areas.
There is also an options to separate lineart and colorart on the same colorlayer)but I am not sure if it is an option only in Animate Pro.

Best regards

On the first photo, there is strokes on. So there isnt any white ink or paint.<br /><br />Deleting and painting again dont work. Always the white spot in the same place.<br /><br />I have all my layers on line art (only patches on colour art).<br /><br />How should i select line and colour art in one time? I dont get it.<br /><br />This white spots are no trouble. Its just annoying. I think i won`t move the layers to colour art, since in the render mode all is working fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for help, anyway

Thanks Lilly! :slight_smile:
When i change the value in real time antyaliasing to 2, the spots gettin smaller, and on value 3 they dissapeared :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Does this problem show up when you render the image as well or only as you’re working?

Which kind of anti-aliasing are you using? If you’re using Full Scene Antialiasing you might not have this problem. If you’re using Real-Time Antialiasing, does it help if you turn Render at This Factor Times the Scene Resolution up to 2?