problem with keyframe


I’m trying to execute a simple animation like a walk or car moving.
Mu understanding of keyframe is that if I create 2 frame and mark them as keyframe toon boom will automatically create the in between frame and thus giving a motion effect.
However, when I created 2 such frame, lets say 1st keyframe is at 1st frame and 2nd keyframe is at 10th frame in exposer sheet, toon boom does not create any frame from 2nd till 9th and also when I tried changing that 10th frame my 1st frame also changed.

I’m sure am missing a huge point.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.
amateur animator.

I believe that reading and perhaps working through this tutorial may really help you get jump started with using keyframes. Keyframing The Bouncing Ball

Later on you will also want to check out the other articles / tutorials on the site. Hope this helps -JK

thanks a lot. this should help.

Don’t hesitate to post any questions that you might have, I’m always glad to help. Asking questions is a great way to speed learning. -JK

Thanks again.
Another small problem that has struck me now is that I could see ‘cycle’ button in elements tab but I could not use it. I’m trying to repeat a periodic motion. I do not want to copy past each frame and keyframe wont help.
Also how to use ‘Advance cycle’.

Thanks in advance.

To create “loops” other then by cutting and pasting, you select a sequence of frames in the time line using shift click to select more than one frame at a time. That sequence represents the action that you want to cycle in multiple loops. Then right click to bring up the context menu. Select the command “Create Cycle” from that menu. A dialog asking for the “total” number of loops will pop up. The number of loops will include the current selected sequence so if you want it to be repeated 3 more times then enter 4 for the number of loops (itself plus 3 repeat cycles).

To learn about the Advanced Cycle and one way to use it refer to this article A Subtractive Animation Technique which I wrote in my Cartooning In Toon Boom Blog.

To better understand adding cycles with key framed animations you can look at this article which I wrote Animating A Cut Out Character

I highly recommend that you pick out and master fundamental techniques before you try to do too much in the area of cycles and loops. Although I certainly appreciate the desire to create that first great movie. Animating is really fun but even with software assistance there is a price to pay in terms of a patient step by step learning process. There’s gratification at the end of the journey but it’s not instantaneous. -JK

Thanks again for a prompt response.

This is what I tried doing but after entering the number of cycles I want to increase and clicking ‘ok’ my timeline din’t increase up till that frame and neither did my exposer sheet. ???