problem with importing psd files

hi all

i have the toon boom studio 5.0 trial version … and im having trouple importing photoshop files to it …

you see … every time i try to import a layered file all the layers come blank … completely white … my PS is 9.0 … my operation system is windows XP …

i hope you help me with my problem soon :’(

cya all :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Can you repeat to me the steps you are taking to import your photoshop file? Have you tried importing different PSD files? Also, make sure your layers are enabled within your photoshop file before you import it.

I’ll gladly try to help you with this,


ok … my steps are … file > import > then i choose the psd file > i check the option that says to keep all the layers > it starts to load and no error message comes and then layers come blank !!

i did try another psd file and they all came blank but one !! … that one i used three layers in it … and the three layers had only black dots … but when i imported it only the third layer ( top one ) came blank !! …

i don’t know what you mean by enabling the layers but if you mean not to lock them … i don’t … i always don’t lock them

thanks a lot for your quick response



Those are the proper steps to import a PSD file. What I meant by enabling the layers is to make sure that in Photoshop, the layers are turned on in the layers window (visible in Photoshop).

If you like you can contact with your issue. They will be able to look further into the issue with your PSD.

I hope this helps,