Problem with importing OBJ file. (from Houdini)

Hello, i’ve made a car in Houdini, and for testing purposes i wanted to bring it to SBP so i could draw on it.
But i’m experiencing problems. First of all: in the OS X preview one side of the wheels have … (ye… idk how to call it, backface culled look, watch screenshot)
But i thought; maybe i could fix this in Storyboard Pro anyways, but when exported in Storyboard Pro it got even weirder.
What might be the problem here?

Thanks in advance.

(Here’s the screenshot: )

Even a simple Box exported as OBJ from Houdini is causing problems:

I don’t understand :frowning:

Again this time… :

Anyone knows what’s the matter?

Hm, when i import the model in 3D coat and export an OBJ from there it does work…
i’ll ask in Houdini forums and post here if i know something