Problem with imported illustrator file


I’m currently working on my final animation projet for my bachelor degree and I can’t seem to figure out how to move the vector points of an imported illustrator file into Harmony and Animate Pro.

I’ve imported the file as suggested, through the library, as separate layers.
I can’t move around the object with the black arrow controller, but if I try to move vector points with the white arrow control, then everything is locked up.

Any idea on this problem ?
Thank you very much !

If you export with in legacy format to be compatible with Illustrator 10, you should be okay. Some of the newer line features of Illustrator have no analog
in Animate.

Is this a typical Illustrator file?

Can you do an experiment and create a simple object in Illustrator to import into Animate Pro?

After importing the test object see if you can edit its points with the Contour Tool.

I just tested with a rectangle and it worked.

Other mystery, today it’s working for apparently no reason, I’ll just hope my luck will keep up and that I won’T encounter the problem anymore ahah