Problem with Export Movie

I’m using the latest version of Animate 2 on a fully updated Win7-64 system, and doing a technology test. So I create a Scene 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps. Put a couple of lines on a drawing layer, extend it for 120 frames. Try to export Movie at H.264 with default options, Current fps, Automatic Key Frames, High Quality, Automatic Data rate, etc.

Every time, i get an error “Unknown exception - Could not complete the operation.” I’ve tried starting with a new scene and rebooting. Am I doing something wrong?

Great. Thanks. At one time I saw a message that Keyframe Every is not supported, so I switched it to automatic, thinking that it would know to automatically do whatever is supported. It would be useful to edit that message to inform that the proper setting is Keyframe All.

The problem is under the settings for your Quicktime export. When you do the export, click on the “Movie Settings” button then go to the settings for H.264. Change the setting to be “Keyframe: All” because Keyframe: Every __ frames is not supported.