Problem with cut out puppet animation

I know the basics to cut out puppets, I get every body part on a separate layer, I set up the heiarchies, and all of that. but you know how you’re supposed to make the upper arm a continous oval and put it behind the forearm, yeah well when I try that the continuos line on the upper arm is in front of the forearm instead of behind it. i try sending the upper arm to the back but it just stays there. are there any solutions to this? if not, are there any alternatives? ???

Here are some tips and tricks relating to joints. They were written for Digital Pro but the first two points, Classic Joint and Path Joint are still applicable to Toon Boom Studio.

Disregard the Glue Joint since the effect is not available in Toon Boom Studio.

Here is another article, this one is written for Toon Boom Studio.

I think you could try this.

1. Click on the forearm in the Camera View- not the element inside the Timeline hierarchy.

2. Use ALT + Down Arrow or ALT + Up Arrow to move the piece to a different layer. Then you can move your forearm below the upper arm.

I hope this helps.