Problem with Copy and Flip


In order to save some time, I’m copying and flipping drawings (e.g. I draw the right foot, copy it, flip it and paste it into the left foot). However when I open the file again, I find that the drawing is flipped back and displaced sideways.

Also, the view might be ok in the camera view but wrong in the drawing view or viceversa.

Why is this happening and how to avoid it?



Many thanks for your reply. I did not use the transform tool as I understand it (when the drawing turns pink with the solid peg).

Anyway. As I was not sure how to do what to do, I removed all the character parts I had created by copying and flipping and proceeded to draw, first, a brand new left foot. I drew it in the Drawing View.

When I got to the camera view, the drawing was flipped and on top of the right foot (for a moment I thought the programme was mocking me!)

What do you think?


Thanks so much Lilly; F7 or Reset All didn’t work but I deleted the naughty layer (the right foot) and duplicated the original one (the left foot) and I was able to get it right.

Your help was much appreciated. Thanks!!!


Keep in mind that there’s a difference between what’s shown in the Drawing View and what’s shown in the Camera View.

Drawing View <— NO transformation information (i.e. TRANSFORM tool)
Camera View <---- includes transformation information

So if you do your flip with the Transform tool, then you will see it flipped in the Camera view only.

If you do your flip by duplicating the artwork, and then using your Select tool to flip it, then you will see it in both the Camera View and the Drawing View.


The only way that you could have a difference from your drawing view to your camera view is if you used your transform tool (or other animation tools) to move your drawing.

What I would suggest at this point is to select all frames on the layer that’s giving you trouble and do an F7 to clear keyframes. In addition to that, you could have performed some changes without creating keyframes by using your Transform tool with the Animate button off. Try to select the layer and do an Animation > Reset all.

Does your body part snap back into place?