Problem with camera display when switching workspace

When switching between drawing and timeline workspace the scene I’m working on becomes extremely low rez. My jpg bg is wierd and glitches with the lines and the texture brush becomes 1 bit and pixilated. It seems to be only with the scene I’m on when I switch the rest of the board is normal.I have to close and reopen the program to reset the camera.I need to switch between the two in order to easily drag layers as well as tweak camera moves. This is a very annoying glitch on top of the time it takes to blink and rest the workspace.I’m using Storyboard Pro 2 Service Pack 2. Version 9.1.5Suggestions?

It’s hard for us to diagnose what’s going on from your description. If you write in to, we could take a look at what’s going on with your system in particular.

To improve your workflow, you could add the Timeline to the Drawing View that has the thumbnails in it, so that you could see the thumbnails and the timeline at the same time. Then you wouldn’t need to keep switching workspaces.