Problem with brush / pen pressure / Cintique

Hello, I have a problem with the brush stokes.
somehow my pen doesnt seem to be pressure sensitiv (wacom cintique21).
The lines appear with the same thickness start to end… even though I adjusted the values in the brush Properties. In other programs, such as TV Paint, I have no problems with it.
Can anyone help?

I think you have the solution here:;action=display;threadid=4102

That worked.
Thank you very much!

Hi there,

I seem to be having the same problem, and all the solutions I’ve searched for (which are basically the same as posted in the 2nd post’s link) aren’t working. I even uninstalled my wacom driver, rebooted, reinstalled it, and nothing. I then tried installing an older driver, and still the same problem. My situation might be different in that I went from a Cintiq 12WX to a Cintiq 21UX. I never had any major problems with the 12WX, but as soon as I switched to the 21UX I can’t get the pressure sensitivity to work. And this is after I tried all of the solutions of deleting the user preferences etc, uninstalling/reinstalling the wacom drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is pretty much my main program and reason for buying the bigger Cintiq. Thanks!

If you’re still having trouble, write to