Problem with brush and pencil tool: Insane amount of anchor points

For some reason now, whenever I use the Contour Editor to move the anchor points of a brush or pencil, I have an insane amount of anchor points on each stroke.
Even for the most simplest of lines, I’ll get unnecessary anchor points added in. Sure, I can go in there and start deleting the extra ones, but that is just extra work I shouldn’t have to do.

This wasn’t happening before, it’s just something that has started recently. If anyone can help me out, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Hi Michael,
How many value did you put in Contour Smoothing under Brush Properties ?
The higher the value, the less anchor points you will have.
Please never put value as 0, cause it will make a lots of points.

Thank you Whuang! You’re a lifesaver! I opened the extended properties arrow tab and yeah, it was at 2. I put it up to 100 and a world of difference. Now I can get back to inking my characters in peace :smiley: Thanks man