problem with blur effect when exporting

I use the blur effect in my movie, on lines that represents fog that is moving in the background in a scene( in Animate 2)

When I export this as a quicktime-movie, the fog that is blurred gets choppy and hangs/gets delayed in the exported movie.

Does anyone know how I can avoid this?


Is this an issue you get every time you use the blur effect or something specific to the scene. Maybe having a visual of what you are talking about would help us troubleshoot the issue.

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You can see the problem here, although its much more obvious on a high resolution movie.

The fog in the background gets kind of choppy, when the camera moves

Wow that is an awesome animation! Watching that seriously made my night - it’s so exciting to see some of the projects that are being done with our software!

In any case, regarding the fog, what codec are you using when you export to Quicktime? The choppiness (although it’s barely noticeable on my machine when I watch your movie) is likely due to the codec. The codec might be trying to compress the information and this kind of compression will show up more dramatically with gradients and blurs.

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Thank you very much. Im glad you liked it.:slight_smile:

I am afraid I am not very good with the technical aspects of exporting movies.
I cant find the specific codec which are being used (I use the default settings in Animate 2)

Do you have any suggestions of what I can try?

(PS- your last name “Vogelesang” is pretty cool in Norwegian, which is similar to German… it means “birdsong”, but you probably knew that :slight_smile:

Well you could probably try the “Animation” codec. You can access the codecs that you’re using by clicking on the “Movie Options” button when you do an export to movie, then click on the video settings, and you should be able to find the codec that you’re currently using there.

You could also just try doing “None” and see what kind of result you get.

Definitely loved it!!! I can’t wait for the next installment. I went back and watched the old ones, too.

Yes indeed, Vogelesang is actually a Dutch name (it’s German too, but my family is from Holland). I too think it’s a beautiful name! Thank you.


damn that’s hot.