Problem with black Render view and Onion skins

Hi, I’m completely new to Toom Boom. I’ve just installed Toon Boom Harmony14.

Open GL view works fine but when I switch to Render view it’s completely black, no matter what colour I use to draw. Also when I’m drawing in render view I can see the line but when I stop it immediately disappears.

I also have a problem with onion skins, they look just like original frame - onion skins just show the previous frame without any modifications in colour or transparency – they’re showing each frame as if it is current frame.

Please help me, I’ll be super grateful :))

By default Harmony renders to a black background. If your lines are
black you may be rendering black against black. Try adding a white
colour card and make sure it’s behind what you drew.

For the onion skin, go to menu-View-Onion Skin. The default is to
show no next or previous drawings. You will need to configure it to
show the number of previous/next drawings you wish for it to display.

Thank you Rkirz for your answer.

As to black render view I’ve read before about drawing black on black screen and it’s not that. When I’m adding a colour card I also can’t see it in Redner view. It’s still black.

I can see onions skins (next two and previous two) the problem is they look like the current frame, I mean when if I’m making animation of pink ball which last 3 frames, then when I’m on frame 2, the onion skin for previous frame should be red (I set it that way in preferences) but it’s pink. The same with next frame which I set to be green but its also pink – as original drawing. I hope you understand what I mean.

Please, do you have any ideas how to fix it?