Problem with bitrates

Hi, how is everybody? First of all I just want to say that this software is excellent.
I am working in a couple of scenes that are 1920x1080/60fps and 2600 frames long each, and my problem is that, when I export my movie with H.264 codec it is goddamn heavy, up to 2Gb.

I am all new at this animation world, so I am just getting familiar with it, but I think that the main issue here is that my video bitrate is almost 400000Kbps and my sound bitrate is almost 1500Kbps.

I tried limiting the velocity of the video bitrate, but it doesn’t seem to work, it never renders less than 350000Kbps, no matter I change the values (to 8000Kbps), close the program and run it again and check that it is still limited. Nor using a Write module with this characteristics.

When I use other edition software for joining the scenes together, I can easily limit the video and sound bitrates to 8000Kbps and 192Kbps respectively, and the final scene is considerably lighter (less than 100Mb), but in TBAP I just can’t.

Can anyone help with this problem and tell me if I am doing something wrong?

Kind regards, and thanks in advance.

I don’t know much about bitrating, but why are you animating at 60fps? This is too much… most 2D animations are 12fps, 24fps… then for sure your video will be much less heavy.

Hi melissaR and thanks for your comment.
To answer you, I use 60fps because I really hate the cinema effect (24fps), like when you use a panoramic shot and you see the screen “shaking”.
I made the animation first in 30fps but I didn’t like the final result, I wanted the moves and shoots smoother so I changed it to 60fps.
Besides, working with 30fps, the rendered project’s size was about 800Mb (for a 45 seconds scene!).
However, I think my problem is not the frame rate, but the bitrate, and the impossiblity of limiting it to a commonly used 6-8Mbps.

Maybe I am mistaking concepts here, so I would really appreciate, if this is the case, if someone enlighten me.

What you are doing is very unusual. Please be aware that animating on 1’s at 30FPS will have the same effect as animating on 2’s at 60fps. Please also note that sometimes animators will animate on 1’s when there is quick movement, animate on 2’s when the movement is normal and sometimes even hold each drawing for three frames or more when there is relatively little movement.

Both memory and hard-drive space are limited so you should consider a more nuanced approach to the perceived problem… First of all what is causing the initial issue anyways… perhaps the camera movement is too extreme for the eye to register a smooth movement - this can happen in live-action also when
the cameraman pans too quickly over too much distance (also depends on the details in the image, thin lines with heavy contrasts are to be avoided in
animation because they can make this worse).

Hi rkriz, I finally rendered at 30fps because, like you said, there is not difference to the eye, but I keep a constant fps and bitrate when I finish the video in Sony Vegas.

Thank you.