Problem with background getting in front of some elements

I have a problem, to which I cannot find a solution.

I have bought an already animated figure from, which seems to be working fine, but whenever I try to make a drawing on a new layer, and place it behind the animation (a new layer under the existing layers) some of my new drawing shows up in front of the existing figure, and some of it behind.
for example, the existiong figure is a man, and one of his legs is behind, and the other is in front of my new drawing.

I cannot use the “Bring to Front” or "Send to back on either the figure og my own new drawing, and i find all of this very strange and frustrating.

The same problem occurs when I try to import an image.

I think it might be the z-values of some parts of the man - he is viewed from the side, so the leg that is in the background might have another z-value.

Could that be the problem?
And how do I change it?

That might be correct…?
Either move the background backward = option/alt + up-arrow
Or, move the whole character forward = option/alt + down-arrow

Check out some of the related Tutorials…
e.g. “Creating a Multiplane” (66) etc…

It was the multiplane problem :slight_smile:

thank you