Problem with automatic extend exposure on Toon Boom Harmony Premium

I’ve recently learn how to use “extend exposure” on the time line in Harmony Premium, but something’s not working right. For example, if I draw a circle on frame 1 and decided to draw another circle separately on frame 20, it automatically makes an extend exposure from frame 1 to 20 without my consent (rather than letting me right click and choose “extend exposure” myself).
Normally I could draw different things on separate frames to help me create smooth animation, but this interference makes it impossible. How can I solve this problem?

In the settings, go to the “Exposure Sheet” tab

then under “drawing creation”

uncheck the “Extend exposure of previous drawing” box.

Thanks, it was helpful.

You just need to make some changes from settings. There are number of people who faced this problem but cheap dissertation writing service provided their services to resolve the error easily so you just need to uncheck exposure of previous drawing.