problem with animate pro PLE

i just download the animate pro PLE and it acting strange !
i open the program then i maximize it but everytime i change the workspace it restore to small window
or when i click on any menu it open and blink (like it refresh itself again)

my OS is windows 7 64 and i’ve never had such an experience with any other software (including Toon Boom Studio Trial Version which work very smooth & lovely)
i hope you can solve my problem cause i really like your products

i did change to basic theme but it wasn’t helpful

my G.C is ATI 4850 1GB
and i think i have the latest driver

you know when i change the workspace, animate pro redraw everything and resize the program window

tnx again

so there is no hope for me to use animate or animate pro ?
i should add even in installing time when main file is intalling (Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 PLE .msi) the progress bar start to blink very fast and act crazy

i’ve never seen such a thing in any other application

i test it with an Asus Eee laptop with Xp os and intel graphic and there was same problem
(like unable to stay maximize when i change the workspace)

test it again on my friend’s computer (with Geforce 8400 GS) and it had the same issues
now i know it’s not because of the graphic card or OS
any suggestions ?

thank you
i sent the mail
i hope they can solve it cause i really like the animate

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you’re describing but it could be a graphics issue. First thing I’d try is to right-click on the Desktop, go to Personalise, then set the Windows Theme to Basic (it’s set to Aero by default which can interfere with OpenGL).

If that doesn’t do the trick, then my next question is which graphics card do you have installed on your machine? And do you have the latest drivers for it?


Do the computers meet the system requirements as far as the resolution of the monitor goes? If you’re running a laptop whose resolution is too small, this might cause such a problem.

There are definitely some issues that have been reported related to the Intel Integrated graphics cards but the ATI cards with the latest drivers should be all right.

For futher debugging feel free to email for them to look into it in more detail.