Problem with a shortcut key. (Not a keyboard problem)

This is a pretty strange problem that I’m experiencing, I feel like I’ve tried everything but nothing works. So I had the [Pencil Tool] on the shortcut [D] and out of nowhere that specific shortcut started to act funny. So for some reason, the key started acting that I could only use the [Pencil Tool] if I HOLD the [D] key while I’m using it in drawing mode. Or I can “permanently” change to the [Pencil Tool] if I press the [D] key in a DIFFERENT VIEW. I thought the problem was specific to the [Pencil Tool] but I changed to a different key and it was fine. I changed some other tools to the [D] key and the same problem occurred.

This problem seemed to arise shortly after I changed the [Line Tool] to the [Shift+D] key. I wasn’t sure they were connected at first because the problem didn’t happen right when I did it. It has something to do with the [Line Tool] because EVERYTIME I change a shortcut to the [D] key it says “The following action has the same shortcut key: Line Tool (in the Drawing Mode Category)”. EVEN THOUGH I have changed the Line Tool to a different key, sent it to default, or cleared it, I double check in the Shortcut Dialog Box and it confirms whatever I action I did, not that it is in the [D] key.

I have also tried restoring all keys to default and changing keyboards but the same problem occurs. The problem is only with that specific key [D]and that specific Tool [Line Tool]

Please help, I want to use the [D] key again that was the main key I used.