Problem witch export animation .mov toon boom harmony 10

Hello guys, i have one problem:

when I try to export my animation and open it with quicktime, the screen is all black!
and if the exported flash format, lines are thicker and not as in the animation that I thin with my wacom table!

I fix the black screen?
as thick lines to fix exported in flash?

Try to add a color card.



Hi again

Go to the top of the left compartment of your timeline. Press on the big + sign. A pop up menu appear. Choose -Color-Card.
At least thats how it is on Animate Pro now and it was when I had a couple of months with Harmony 8 in 2010.


Thanks friends! work!

Thanks friends! work![/quote]

Now the problem is that, it plays very fast, and set it to 10 fps! Yet when I export it and reproduce it in quicktime, reproduse is very fast as 25 fps!

The fat lines is because SWF doesn’t support Pencil lines with variable thickness or textured lines. Maybe you are using these type of lines in Harmony. Unfortunately it’s a limitation of the swf format.

You could draw with Brush lines or convert the pencil lines to brush so that the swf movie can understand the thick and thin.