Problem using IK nails

I have a character that I want to have squat down and stand back up.
I tried using the nails to fix the feet in position so I could just grab the main peg and pull the character down into the squat.
It works fine for setting the pose, the feet do not move or rotate at all.
However, the interpolation between keyframes shows the feet moving down and back up.
Is there a way to keep the feet nailed to a spot between the keyframes?
This is for TB Harmony.


Never mind. I found the solution in a You Tube video here
At 21:24 the instructor shows how to fix the foot slipping using “Apply IK Constraints Mode” and IK Keyframe found in the tool properties for IK.
The video is for Animate Pro 2 but the solution works for Harmony 10 just the same.

Thanks anyways.