Problem uploading/downloading Toon Boom Animation file

I uploaded to different toon boom animation files using the Der Der template to the student forum for my toon boom animation course at

When people (including me) tried to download the toon boom files
from that forum we got an error message that said:

The file NECK - 1 is realted to a drawing and could not be found.
The file amy have been moved, renamed, or deleted.
Further error messages will be suppressed.

Needless to say, the files couldn’t be viewed in toon boom . . . Is it something I did or could it be a toon boom bug?

If you tell me how to do it, I will post a copy of the files to this forum for you to look at

Hi Jason,

To transfert a Toon Boom Studio project I always suggest to archive (zip) the whole folder that contain your project (in case you are on Mac it will be the tbpd file, on windows you will need to take the folder that contain the tbp file). Once done you simply have to upload the stuff on the web and the people will need to unzip the whole hierarchy (and keep it as it is) to be able to view the project.

The error you got is usually related to the fact that some of the drawing files of your project are missing or are in the wrong location. This may be caused by the fact they unarchived only the project or that not everything was sent.

In any case let us know if you need further help.

Best regards,