problem transforming peg

hi guys,

any reason that you wouldn’t be able to transform/flip horizontal a parent peg. i selected frame one of my main parent peg for a character and clicked arrage/flip horizontal and nothing happens. any suggestions?


oh i figured it out with skew tool - happy animating!

Hi. To flip a caracter, on parent peg you must create a keyframe with the ¨Transform Tool¨ select only it and go to: Element menu, Transform, Flip horizontal or vertical. To make fast flipping, create two succesive keyframes and apply the flip on second keyframe. If you don´t create one frame keyframes separation, the caracter appears streetching in intermediate frames between keyframes.
Be careful: If you attempt to use the Select Tool, you go to flip all the caracter orientation on the peg trayectory.
The flip is a function of vertical or horizontal scale and you can go to see it in the function editor, that reflect the changes, and adjust the keyframed points on it. Hope that helps. Yoryo.