[problem] ToonBoom Storyboard Pro and Wacom Cintiq

Hello,on my old computer I tried the demo version of TB SBp with my Wacom Intuos and all ran fine, but I didn’t have 899$ to buy the program so I decided to wait.Now, I recently bought a brand new Wacom Cintiq and i downloaded the latest demo version of TB StoryBoardPro to test if it will be my next buy. Unfortunately i’ve issued some problems.1) there’s no pen pressure sensitivity at all (it works fine with every other programs such Photoshop and so on)2) there’s no way to have SBpro open on my cintiq (plugged as secondary monitor) and I have to manually move the program window on the tablet everytime (quite annoying)please note that:a) I’ve tried to erase the tablet preferences as adviced on the forums, but still no resultsb) I cannot invert or reposition the monitors because I cannot change monitor’s settings since this will affect other programs and my other co-workers will not allow me to do thisc) I’ve tried to download latest Wacom drivers and latest video card drivers (nVidia 9600GT) and still does not workd) to have the program run on the second monitor I haven’t the permission to download nView or similar driver addons.If I could solve those two problems I’d surely buy the software, because I think it would really boost my work!Please, if you could help my I’d be very glad!Thanks in advantage.

Do you have the Cintiq and another tablet plugged in at the same time? This can create conflicts that could prevent the pressure sensitivity from working.You say that you have updated your drivers but it may be possible that the drivers did not update properly. Sometimes when you update the drivers and it already sees a driver on that computer it doesn’t actually perform the update. What you could try is try deleting the drivers entirely, then installing the new updated drivers.Deleting the tablet preferences is usually a good way to go, but if this didn’t solve your problem, then try to delete and update the drivers.If you try this and you still encounter problems, send an email directly to support@toonboom.com. They may need to set up a remote session to debug your setup.Regarding issue 2, it will always open by default on your primary monitor. I can add this as a feature request for future versions of Storyboard.~LillyToon Boom Support

I have the same issue exactly. I could not get the pressure sensitivity to work with Story Board pro trial with my Cintiq. I have the latest driver, and deleted the pref files to reset them. Still no good.Interestingly, all works well with Animate Pro that I just bought. In fact, Photoshop and all other software have no issues with regards to pressure sensitivity. I am guessing for some reason since Animate Pro is a more recent release it doesn’t have the same problem with regards to tablets. Ended up having to uninstall Storyboard Pro…

This should not be the case. There are many studios worldwide that use Cintiq with pressure sensitivity for Storyboard Pro. If deleting the tablet preferences doesn’t work, please email support@toonboom.com and they will assist you.~LillyToon Boom Support

I’ve seen the same problem with cintiques and TBS 1.5 in a large studio environment, not surprising although i had the same issue with intuos 3 , on the new TBS2 as well as some other tablet issues that arose upon install.I found this trick, if you go to the wacom settings, … and this might sound weird but it worked, press ctrl and mouse click the ‘About’ button, a diagnose page appears then hold ctrl again and mouse click (i think) the diagnose button and a further window appears with the magic recalibrate button on it. You know what do do, click that sucker, you may need to restart for any effect , worked for me anyway. Good luck. 8)