Problem staying logged in

Every day I have to log in to this forum in order to comment. When you log in there is a checkbox asking if you want to stay logged in and I always select it–but it doesn’t seem to work for some reason. On other forums that I frequent, once I log in it stays that way. I believe the way it works is that a cookie is placed on your computer which keeps you logged in.

I had thought it was a glitch with my computer but I just got a new computer and it’s the same thing. Does anyone else have this problem?

Yes, same here!

Thanks, Delah! Yeah, I mean it’s weird, I don’t have this problem on any other forum. Even some of the animation forums that individuals from here have set up, they all keep you logged in. Perhaps this can be fixed or will be fixed once the forum is updated?

That also happens to me everyday! But only happens when I am using Chrome while in Mozilla Firefox, my login is kept until I log out.

Ha! I use Firefox and it happens to me every day! Where’s the glitch?

Same here. I use Firefox and after I checked “remember browsing history” in options, all is fine. I think the new version of firefox defaults to Private Browsing.

Thanks for the tip, Eglue! I have the latest version of Firefox 4.0.1 and have remember history enabled but still have the problem ???

You are right Zeb. I guess I was able to stay logged in because I would just minimize firefox and just put pc to sleep. Once I actually closed the browser it would log me out. Oh well.

never been able to keep it logged in for me more than a single browser session.

When we log into the forum around 10 cookies are set, two of these cookies have their expiration set as “end of session”. It is probably one of these two cookies that hold our login information. “end of session” usually means that the cookies “change” ie discard our login, when we either close Firefox or after a period of inactivity which I believe is often set at 20 minutes.

To see the cookies in Firefox using a PC (probabaly similar on a MAC) right click on this page and select “View Page Info” , in the top menu hit the padlock icon and hit the view cookies button.

I suppose that Toonboom could change this “feature” but they may have other operational issues to consider.


Thanks, Lily! I’m not sure if this is intentional or not as Bob stated. But my preference, obviously, is for it to keep you logged in.

Thanks! ;D

I’ve passed your comments on to the Web Team, who will investigate this issue.