problem starting animation- key frames and inbetweens

I’m having problems getting started in TB Pencil Check. Unable to make a simple test to try out the animation function of the program. Simply I want to animate a bouncing ball test-about ten frames. And I want to use the key frames feature. Per instructions, selected the brush and onion skin. Then, I selected the first cell, drew the ball, then selected K for key drawing. For my second key drawing I selected the 5th cell, draw the ball at the high position and selected K key. Then I selected the 3rd cell for the breakdown by double clicking and typing in a 3. I drew the ball in the middle between key drawings and selected B breakdown. I selected the second cell, double clicked and typed in 2 and then drew another ball. I selected I inbetween. I did the same for cell 4, selected the cell, double clicked on it and typed 4 and selected I inbetween. My result was not satisfactory. Turned off onion skin and played the animation. In cell 2 I get two balls (ball positions from cell 2 and 5) and cell 5 shows 2 balls (ball positions from cell 2 and 5). All other cells are okay showing one ball in positions they were drawn. Also, when I start doing the inbetweens, the K is removed from cell 5. I and another student have tried to figure out how to get the proper results and we’ve done this more than a dozen times with the same results.I would appreciate help so I can get started animating successfully in the demo and trying it out. I presently have TBStudio 4.5. Also, can I make multiple key frames and then select the appropriate in betweens (breakdowns)? Finally, the cell number and the cell attached to the number- what is the effect of clicking just on the cell number? Thank you. ???

Sounds like you were following the correct procedure but it’s hard to say without seeing the actual project. Are the multiple balls actually on the same drawing or are the multiple instances a side-effect of using the onion skin (or light table - check to see if it’s on or off). Alternately perhaps it is seeing a ball drawn in another column.Note that the numbers entered into the cel are the actual names of the drwings in that column. For instance, you dould click on frame position 2 and type the number “5” in the cel, at frame position 11 you again type: 5. When you play it back you will see the drawing of 5 appear at frame 2 and 11. Think of what you type in the cels as the “cel label” to avoid confusing frame positions with frame numbering and timing.

It sounds like what you’re doing here is accidentally naming two drawings the same name. Usually when you create a drawing it will auto-name it a number. So when you create the first drawing, without naming it, it names this drawing “1”. Then you create a second drawing, on cel 5, and it names this drawing “2”. Then when you go back later and type 2 into cel 2, it thinks that you want it to display the drawing named 2, which is currently located in cel 5.