Problem rotating objects

When I select an object i get six small squares, but I’m not able to rotate it. I can’t find the 7th square which should appear to the right of the middle square on the right side for rotation.Anyone who has a solution for this?

Hi,Which tool are you using to do your selection?Regards,Ugo

I am using the select tool, shown in this screenshot: have made a screencast of what I do here: am running OSX 10.5.8 and StoryBoard 1.5 SP1 - (Version 8.6.1 (4709))

Hi,You should be able to do the rotation from the corner. Simply slide the mouse cursor a little more toward the outside of one of the corner and it should turn your mouse to a rotation tool.Regards,Ugo

Ok, then I got it. The documentation showed a square outside the one in the middle, and I have tried to look around that square, not those in the corners.Thank you very much!

Hi,This was changed in the SP1 as far as I know and we did not did a full review of the documentation (basically only an addendum) so some of the graphics may not have been adjust for the patch. This will most likely be addressed in upcoming release of the software.Regards,Ugo