Problem returning license to TBS 6

I’m having Wacom issues with TBS 6. (The touch sensitivity is not working.) So after reinstalling the Wacom driver, I’m at the point where I think I should try reinstalling Toonboom.

So, it’s a good idea to return the license first, right? When I go into the license wizard to do this, and click return on the instance of TBS 6, it says “inactive license.” Huh? we’ve been using this license for years!

I’ve logged into our dashboard on the Toonboom site, and the serial number is still listed there. Not inactive, as far as I can tell.

I click the “view internal flexnet error” button and get “cannot perform support actions on inactive fulfillment record fid_20ce94a6_12313df1ce8_633. [incident# 7039-49101773]”

Any ideas?

You better contact Toon Boom support