Problem rendering 2D/3D crashing in Windows 7 64bit and OSX

I am using a MacPro early 2009 8 core 2.26ghz, 26GB of RAM and an nVidia Quadro 4000 running OSX 10.6.8 plus an HP Z800 12 core 2.44ghz 24GB of RAM and a nVidia Quadro 4000…Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit…I have increased the page files for Windows.

Both systems have problems with memory and/or VRAM while rendering Maya2012 *.osb files in Harmony 9.2 Stand Alone.

With OSX I can render over 70% and it simply stops rendering. In Windows 64bit if I get past the first 20 frames I am ok BUT the Harmony app window flashes and yesterday I had a nVidia Quadro kernel crash after resizing the Harmony window. I have found that reducing the Harmony window size decreases the number of crashes or other problems. In Windows when rendering with Maya I am using at times 100% of the 12 corse.

I am self taught in using Maya and Harmony. Therefore I suspect that I am not optimizing my 3D files and/or attempting to do too much.

However, I can have problems with rendering to movie with simple forms and not much else going on in Harmony stage.

Has anyone else had a problem? Anyone got a troubleshooting list I can check off?
I am self taught so I suspect I am mucking something up.

Lily,Thanks for information about Harmony still being 32bit! That explains the problem in Windows especially.I have contacted and they’ve been very, very helpful. Your team helped me tweak my system to allow the renders.However, I was never told Harmony was 32bit at time of purchase nor by Tech Support. I assumed that as it has 64bit plugins to work with Maya2012 that it was all 64bit as my HP Z800 does not have a 32bit mode for me to set. That explains why my HP 32 bit gaming computer runs Harmony 9.2 just as well or even better.I bought Harmony especially for the 3D-2D integration and I assumed that it was 64bit. I am amazed it is not. No wonder I am having so many problems. For it to be able to interact with Maya2012 at all shows how strong your 64bit plugins and 32bit code are.Thanks for telling me as I thought there was something wrong with my computers. As one of my licenses is being paid monthly I really hope the upgrade will not be too costly.

Well I hope the 64bit does not cost a lot as I’m buying my second license over 10 months and it’s not cheap…but I trust there’s an upgrade option.

I think it might be a good idea to write in to and we can investigate it in more detail with you. Keep in mind that Harmony is still a 32-bit application, although we’re working on the 64-bit version right now. It could be simply running out of memory, or it could be that there are some improvements in memory management that can be made.

When it stops rendering in OSX, do you get a crash with a stack? Can you click on “report” and send us the stack?

I’d be very surprised if resizing the window changes things. Are you doing File > Export > Movie or Export OpenGL frames? Or are you rendering through the Write module?

I’d recommend for now rendering a sequence of images then you can re-render the images into a movie.


We are working on the 64-bit conversion right now but it’s not a simple process. Everything has to be re-done, and it’s been a project that we’ve been working on for quite a while now, but we are getting very close now.