Problem positioning objects and cycle

I created a character run cycle with 3-cell and two loops, a total of 6 frames. I go to cell 4 and position it on the right, where the first cycle is complete. Why do I automatically move also the first drawing cell? I did all the tests going from drawing view and drawing camera, I thought it was the fault of the onion skin, but nothing. I’m pretty nervous.>:(
I cmq version toon boom studio basic


This is normal.
When you cycle drawing, all of your drawings “1” are the same.
The drawings are not contained in the cell. The files exist in a folder as *.tvg files. The Timeline and Xsheet view link to these files. So every time you see drawing 1, it is the exact same drawing 1.

To modify the position of your cycle the way you are trying to do it, use the Transform tool and keyframe the position.
Make sure to create Stop-Motion keyframe to avoid your animation to slide between the keyframes.

Here is an extract from the User Guide:

Layer Concepts
In order to understand what happens when you duplicate a drawing, extend an exposure, create cycles or delete a drawing, it is important to know how a layer works.
Each layer is linked to a directory, this is the location where all of that layers’ drawings are saved. This directory has the same name as the layer. When a value or drawing name is typed in a layer’s cell, the system looks in the layer’s directory for the corresponding drawing to display. If there is no corresponding drawing, a new one is created.
The layer’s cells are not used for storage, but are linked to the drawings contained in the layer’s directory. If you remove a drawing from the layer exposure, it is not deleted, but is simply not displayed.

If you want your drawings to be independent one from another, you need to duplicate them.

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