Problem on brush stroke

I watched the preview and I see those stroke they drew is very smooth and nice, but i DL the trial to test it, end up the stroke is very pixelated, how can i make the stroke become smooth and not pixelated?


The videos are reduced sizes and compressed which accounts for a large degree of the blurring and subsequent inability to see if there is a jagged edge on the lines. However, there are a few things that might help your situation.

Are you using Mac or Windows?

There are anti-aliasing settings in Preferences.

Not knowing what you are using I’ll just describe what I have done and experienced.

I am on Mac Mini that does not meet the minimum requirements but I am able to run Animate Pro 3 without a problem so far. I am just using the Trial version of Storyboard Pro 4.1

Under Preferences => Advanced I have checked the following:
Support Transparency in Pencil Lines
Realistic Preview while Drawing
Smooth Textures on Vector Layers
Full Screen Antialiasing and Number of Samples 3 (available for Mac)

I also have Realistic Preview checked under View in the top menu bar.

What I experience is an instant response when I make a mark that updates a split second later to smooth out both the curve (Smooth Line slider) and the antialiasing of the actual line edge.

My lines look better than yours. They have a very slight jaggedness to the line edges…speaking of the work-in-process display. When I export an image it is perfectly smooth. I am not bothered working with the level of performance or line quality I am experiencing especially given the system I am running the software on.