problem on adding effects on animate pro 2


i am adding effect to already done character.
so now i need to adding shadow and tone to follow all tge action of my character…
i follow the help of some of u(never thank enought to mary-eve)…
what i have done is to group the character…(and he have the multi port in and out)
after that i grouped again…
and connected all with the APPLY PEG TRASNFORMATION…one for the shadow and one for the tone etc
it seems to e m everyything fine…
when the character is not walking but is moving only the arms…all is fine…
but when the character start walking don’t know why…the legs seems to flying away from the body…and…at the end of the frame…all the body is where shoud be…but the legs are like…at the shoulder …

can everybody try to help me…
thank u very much


After looking again at the Print Screen you sent me, I am wondering if the Quadmap you used is keyframed.
Do you have some keyframe on your Quadmap layer or is it static?

Also I see that your multi-port In is connected to the Quadmap.
Disconnect it from the Quadmap to see if it makes any difference.

Little detail also… Based on the light source, your shadow should be going downward not upward.

Let me know if any of this solves your issue.


Hello again,

After looking at your scene, I realized that you have built your stage in the 3D space. Good job by the way.

You do not need a Quadmap for your shadow in this case. You simply need to use a Peg, enable the 3D and rote it 90 degrees on the Z axis.

Check out the scene i sent back to you.