Problem of colours when I import puppets' templates


I’ve got some problem with the colors of my puppets when I’m importing several puppets at the same time.

I made some templates of my puppets and when I drag one puppet in the scene, the colors are ok, and the palette of the character appears in the “scene palettes” library.

But when I drag 2 different templates of puppets, so which should have different colours and different palettes, something strange occured :
some of the lines of one puppet get a colour taken from the palette of the other one.

I tried this on another computer, and the bug as changed : this time, it was other elements of the puppet that changed the colour. And when I select a palette in the library, it applies the colors in both puppets.

I can’t understand why, because the colours’ changes don’t appear on the whole puppet, just on some parts of some symbols, and not always the same symbols too.

When I created the puppets, I created them inside separated files and folders, so they should have no link one to the other.
For the “scene palette”, I didn’t import palette of one puppet while I did another puppet, so each puppet should have its own colour palette.

Each symbol of a character is named with a title beginning by the name of the character, so when I drag two puppets, the symbols are not the same.

Do you have a solution please?

Thank you for the help!


Hello Ani,

The way that Toon Boom’s palettes work is that when you create a palette, each colour pot in that palette has a unique I.D. That way you can change one colour, and everything that has been painted with that colour will be automatically updated.

Now what I would suspect in this case is that at some point you made a clone of your palette. There are two ways to copy a palette - a duplicate and a clone. A duplicate creates a totally new set of colour I.D.s, so those colours are not linked to the original. A clone, on the other hand, creates a copy with the same I.D.s. The reason this is useful is if you want to do something like a night time scene, you can use the tint panel to change the whole palette, and you will not lose the painted zones that you had painted before - they will still be assigned to the same colour I.D.

I hope that wasn’t more confusing than it was useful. Basically, if you’re creating templates, and you want to duplicate your palettes, make sure that you do a duplicate and not a clone and you should not have this problem.

Toon Boom Support

I had several palettes for each character. And I don’t know how I must have cloned some colours… maybe with a shortcut or I don’t know how, but when I deleted some palettes, everything was corrected.

It seams to be working now.

Thank you!


I’m very glad it’s working!

Toon Boom Support