problem is copyright

i have hard time, i don’t understand that mean to me as figure out in my mind confuse info support require alike trademark and i show you something.

Go to the General tab.
3. In the User Name field, type the author’s name.
4. In the Copyright field, type the owner or company name legally entitled to the
5. Click on the OK button.

User name:
My Company:
but other title say
User name:

i use my own mac

i ask you people that actually my own label name of production or what?
Please help guy!

If you go to [Help > About] you will see the information that you put in the fields: Username and Copyright

This feature allows you to customize your copy of Toon Boom Studio on your computer. In the Username field you can put your own name for example and in the Copyright field you could put the name of your company if you wish.


hello again. i was check it in from help for search thing info. but little bit confuse about my own copyright. if i had new account in youtube there will my own copyright will work who i am with for my own art animation, actually i just practice learn more art animation.