Problem importing to Toon Boom Harmony

Hello everyone! Im currently doing a project in Toom Boom Harmony. Im trying to import a .mov file into the project, but I dont know if Toom Boom cant import it, or if it has imported it and I havent noticed.

Im attaching an imgur album with the steps I have followed trying to import the file.

I have tried different .mov settings and codecs (H.264, .PNG, Animatic, and MPEG4), all rendered in Adobe Premiere at 29.97 fps.

Here’s an album with all the images in sequence.

I also didnt get this dialog box, but as it is a different version Im not sure I would see the same:

Remove accented characters, spaces and special symbols from the name of the movie and from the entire directory path where you are importing the movie from or where you are storing your Harmony project. Only a-z, 0-9, “_” and “-” are safe for use.

If you continue to be blocked from importing, contact support to have a direct look on your system.